‘Your Best Business Video’ virtual event with Saskia van Ooijen: Report

Many of us now own smartphones with great picture and video quality. Indeed 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices these days. It’s now also very convenient to shoot a video on our smartphones, but we might often not feel confident enough in our skills to do so.

We were thrilled that over fifty IBN members registered for an enjoyable and fun event on the evening of the 23rd of March with communications expert Saskia van Ooijen to address this challenge!

Saskia shared helpful, practical and user-friendly advice on making ‘Your Best Business Video’ on Your Smartphone. She walked us through planning and producing an engaging video, from building a storyboard and script to actually filming it. She highlighted the importance of staging, lighting, positioning and length when shooting footage, as well as recommending different equipment that can help stabilise our phones during shooting. She also stressed the value of ‘practise, practise, practise’.

We are really grateful to Saskia for generously offering her time, expertise and knowledge. We had lots of positive feedback from members that they now felt less daunted by the prospect of shooting a video and were keen to take Saskia’s encouragement to ‘just give it a go’!

As the IBN Switzerland hosted it as a virtual event, members were able to join us from across Switzerland and even from Ireland. Thanks to all the participants, who contributed to a great evening, and to the IBN committee members who supported in hosting it.

If you would like to learn more or you missed this event, you can sign up to one of Saskia’s upcoming events in April or May on Your Best Business Video or follow her on LinkedIn.

Saskia graciously offered all participants and indeed all IBN members a 10% discount on her upcoming workshops and 1:1 rates. Simply mention IBN when registering.

Text: Petra Dolan, Basel Chapter Co-Lead, Images: Geraldine O’Grady & Brigid O’Donovan, Co-Presidents IBN Switzerland, April 2021