Planetary & Nature Resilience with Florian Reber: Report

Planetary & Nature Resilience with Florian Reber: Report

On Thursday 3rd March, we were joined by Florian Reber, leading sustainability strategist and head of at the World Economic Forum, for a truly inspiring talk on Planetary & Nature Resilience. At just over 100 days since COP26, the discussion was a very timely reminder that there is so much each of us can – and must – do to tackle climate change.

Florian opened his presentation by reminding us that the global economy, from our food system to the power and energy that fuel our lives, is based upon nature. Sadly, due to decades of extractive practices, we are at a tipping point for invaluable ecosystems such as the Amazonian forest. Complex interconnected systems link people, planet and prosperity – and if we want to make real change, we must make simultaneous interventions at all levels. We were captivated by Florian’s breadth and depth of knowledge on the subject, so beautifully illustrated by his photography.

Florian’s talk was followed by an interactive Q&A session and many members shared positive feedback: “It was a wonderful hour of information and inspiration…so important that everyone engages with nature and understands how the natural world underpins all that we do” posted one member, while Florian said: “It was great to meet you all, share an hour together and discuss the many aspects and complexities of transitioning to a regenerative, nature-positive economy”.

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