‘Tidy to Thrive’ Workshop & Networking Event Report, IBN Switzerland’s Basel Chapter

Nadja Cereghetti sharing her Konmari joy and expertise.


Our spaces get overflown with our possessions: We love to shop and collect souvenirs. We treasure books and we keep all the presents we receive. We struggle to keep our homes tidy and we think we need more storage space.

Nadja Cereghetti – our guest speaker for our “Tidy to Thrive” virtual event – previously lived a life at the mercy of her own untidiness, not quite knowing where to begin. Then she discovered the KonMari method, became a certified KonMari consultant & transformed her own home & life.

On Tuesday December 8th, 2020 Nadja led a fully subscribed group of both new and long-term IBN members through the tidying method from Marie Kondo (Japanese tidying expert, bestselling author, NETFLIX star and KonMari founder) and sparked joy with her enthusiasm for the topic and the numerous tips she shared for us to regain control of our homes.

The breakout sessions were both a fun and informative way to meet new people while sharing our own thoughts on how to move forward with Nadja’s advice.

Text: Angela Kienle, Image: Brigid O’Donovan, December 2020