IBN Next Event in Zürich 23rd October 2014

IBN Next Event in Zürich 23rd October 2014

The Next IBN Event will take place on October 23rd, at the Honorary Consulate of Ireland, Claridenstrasse 25, Zurich 8027.

Time: Arrival at 6.30pm for refreshments, presentations starting 7pm.

The theme will be show-casing Irish Entrepreneurial Spirit by members of the IBN within the Zurich Region, primarily focused on Technology.

The first speaker will be Donnacha Daly, Researcher of Entrepreneurial Risks at the ETH, and also involved in a number of spin-off start up projects.

This will be followed by a short presentation by Patrick Ramseyer from Theram Gmbh, who will share his experience of the recent launch and distribution of a new Irish software product to Institutions in Switzerland.

Apart from being interesting personal stories, We hope this may an opportunity to hear about interesting new technologies hitting the market, and perhaps an opportunity for social selling throughout our IBN Community.

The venue has a maximum capacity for approx. 50 members, direct invitations to members to follow by email for RSVP.