An Introduction to James Joyce: Report

An Introduction to James Joyce: Report

We had a magical evening on October 26th  2021 with An Introduction to James Joyce at the Zürich James Joyce Foundation.

Fritz Senn, internationally renowned Joycean Scholar, gave an incredible talk about James Joyce with charming stories about Joyce, his views on places he lived and his famous masterpiece Ulysses. Fritz shared insights into Joyce’s novel literary technique, brought to life as he read an excerpt of his first edition of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

 At the networking event afterwards, several people mentioned that they had goosebumps listening to Fritz speak. The combination of a beautiful setting and an expert speaker made for a truly special event. Read the Irish Times tribute to Fritz on his 90th birthday here.

We were delighted that many attendees mentioned they were joining an IBN event for the first time. We welcome new membership enquiries here.


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