Irish Business Network Switzerland
Connecting Irish and Swiss people and businesses through networking events
Chapters in Basel, Zurich and Suisse Romande

The Irish Business Network Switzerland (IBN) is a network of professionals living and/or working in Switzerland who are Irish or have an affiliation with Ireland. Membership is free, and our members represent a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experience. We are actively supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Eamon Hickey, Ambassador of Ireland to Switzerland – all of whom actively support the Irish Diaspora worldwide.

The IBN has expanded rapidly since its establishment in 2008 and continues to grow. Irish professionals and their families are scattered throughout Switzerland, and there’s an increasing demand to network with professional peers. Regardless of where our members are based or work, we give them the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can help them be more successful in their professional lives. Our social events – often organized in collaboration with other Irish clubs and societies in Switzerland – ensure there’s also a fun factor. The emphasis is always on creating a strong network of friendships among the Irish community working and living in Switzerland.

Alongside our many networking events, we offer various online platforms to encourage connection – including the IBN website (www.irishbusinessnetwork.ch), our LinkedIn group (Irish Business Network Switzerland), our Facebook page and Twitter.


Why should you join?
As a member, you’ll be invited to our networking events in all three chapters – Basel, Zurich and Suisse Romande – each only a short train ride away. You’ll meet other Irish professionals living in Switzerland and working at different levels across a wide range of industry sectors – including finance, life sciences and technology. Some offer legal, consulting and diverse professional services; others have taken a career break but are planning a return to the workplace. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your current or future career aspirations, or even present a five-minute elevator pitch to promote your products and services.
Membership is free of charge and open to anyone living and working in Switzerland with strong business or personal links to Ireland. Just sign up via our website: www.irishbusinessnetwork.ch

What do we ask of our members?
Once you’ve joined, we encourage you take an active part in IBN by attending some of our events throughout Switzerland, suggesting speakers and topics, and encouraging networking among members. Members can also support Irish enterprise and provide Irish companies entering Switzerland with insights into the local market – this may be through meeting Irish companies at our events or through our discussion boards on our website and LinkedIn page.
How are we financed?
The IBN is registered non-profit organisation (in German:Verein), managed by its members on a voluntary basis. We are funded through sponsorships and other strategic partnerships. In addition, we are very grateful for funding provided by the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme. The members manage the organisation on a voluntary basis.

Who manages the IBN Switzerland?

The following Committee was voted in during the June AGM for 2019/2020:

Geraldine O’Grady and Brigid O’Donovan – Co-Presidents
Aidan Shilling – Secretary
Simon Bradley – Communications Lead
Patrick Ramseyer – Business Development Lead

Michael Clohosey – IBN Treasurer

Sean O’Connell – ICT Lead
Paul Shannon – VP and Irish Embassy representative
Vincenz Wagner – Enterprise Ireland representative
Joanna Long and Therese Langan – Zurich Chapter
Angela Kienle and Petra Dolan – Basel Chapter

Joanne Goetz – Geneva Chapter
Mary Mayenfisch Tobin and Nikki Symmons – Suisse Romande Chapter

We would very much welcome you to the network and look forward to seeing you at our next event in Switzerland!

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